Oh hi, I'm Jonathon...

         My name is Jonathon Corrales, and if I'd have to describe myself in one word, I simply wouldn't be able to. For the past 6 years of my life, everything I do has been centered in digital design and academics.  My interest in computers really only began in the 6th grade, because, due to the nature of my digital design course, there was bound to be a few techies, who I found myself hanging out with and learning from. In the summer of 2015, I even built my own gaming desktop, and it was around this time I discovered what my career will be, should all go as planned. Throughout middle and high school I've worked in various Adobe programs, and more recently in highschool I've focused on my academics, taking as many challenging courses as possible. This is all in an effort to get into my dream school, where I plan to double-major in Computer Science and Computer Engineering. Design has become more of a hobby, but still something I plan to pursue in my free time.




Computer Science

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Digital Design


Hobby / Secondary Profession

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